Hormone Blessings

Leslie Carol Botha is dedicated to guiding women to understanding the fundamental rhythm of their neuro-endocrine-immune cycles that will add years and improve their quality of life.

By becoming more physically aware of your natural cycle, women learn to accept their body with patience and compassion. Monitoring moods in relationship to the hormone cycle allows women to be conscious of not only of emotional needs, but provides valuable insight and a sense of connection with the world – and especially with women.

Becoming aware of the nature of the feminine hormone cycle and how it affects women in all phases of their lives, translates into successfully living with hormones to prevent reoccurring gynecological problems, and mental and emotional imbalances.



Artwork by Rassouli

Women will finally comprehend the intimate relationship between the hormone cycle and their daily activities. The information shared in coaching sessions or workshops is structured to provide a deeper appreciation of the power women exercise over life by simply acknowledging the physical, mental and emotional changes in the ebb and flow of the hormone cycle. Some women have been conditioned to ignore or be embarrassed by normal bodily functions.

For the most part, the medicalization of normal events and experiences such as menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause has involved providing a diagnostic label and then offering, if not imposing, a biomedical or surgical intervention to “treat” it.

The lack of education about the fundamental nature of the endocrine system and the relationship between mind, moods, behaviors, and hormones cycles has come at a grave cost to women, partners, and families.

It is time to reclaim our bodies and our lives.