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If you’d like to learn how to live with your hormone cycle to become a more effective person at home and at work, prevent re-occurring gynecological problems and understand and control cyclical emotional imbalances, then this might be the most important book you’ll ever read.

The information and statistical data used in this book is based on the over twenty-five years of field research conducted by Leslie Carol Botha. Leslie is an internationally recognized expert on women on hormone cycles, award winning women’s health educator and advocate, a respected broadcast journalist and creator of the popular Holy Hormones Honey -The Greatest Story Never Told! radio program and website. Understanding Your Mood Mind and Hormone Cycle is the product of years of research, analysis of the intimate relationship between women’s hormone cycle and their everyday activities. The information in this publication has been structured to give you a deeper appreciation of the power you exercise over your life by simply learning about, understanding and acknowledging your cyclical hormonal changes and the fundamental sacred nature of the endocrine system.

 This unique approach of recognizing and acknowledging your natural, hormone cycle will empower you to finally trust your body, mind and spirit.

Understanding Your Mind, Mood, and Hormone Cycle focuses on the undeniable connection between the behavioral characteristics associated with the three phases of the hormone cycle; pre-ovulatory, ovulatory and post-ovulatory, the mythological characteristics associated with the three phases of the lunar cyclewaxing full and waning moon, and the psychological aspects associated with the three phases that a woman passes through in her lifetime; maiden, mother and grand-mother/wise woman. Topics related to hormonal changes and behaviors are explained and resources for additional research included.

The purpose in understanding our cyclical hormonal flow is that which helps us re-align with the natural cycles of the universe. The same lunar forces that cause the ebb and flow of the tides pull our hormonal cycle. Understanding and living with the hormonal cycle will help you understand the tides of physical, mental and emotional behaviors that shape your life.

Understanding Your Mind, Mood, and Hormone Cycle is a good resource for men too. The information in this book will assist you in becoming the best friend, lover, partner a woman ever had.

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Botha’s and Batik’s work and research appears in three other books:

Teenage Girls Book

Teenage Girls The Guide for Health Wellness & Self-Esteem: Botha and Batik co-wrote a chapter for this important book entitled: “How Your Mind, Mood and Body Affects Your Wellness and Self-Esteem.”

A must-read book for teens and parents which includes diet & nutrition, stress management, self-esteem, relationships, mom/daughter communication, career planning, positive attitude development, and more!

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World According to Cycles

The World According to Cycles: How Recurring Forces Can Predict the Future and Change Your LifeBotha’s seminal work, Female Mystique – The Three Phases of Eve is included in this highly acclaimed book, written by Samuel A. Schreiner, Jr – who called Botha “one of the 21st century’s most prominent natural cycle thinkers.”

The World According to Cycles incorporates over fifty years of research on hundreds of different cycles by scientists affiliated with the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and the Cycles Research Institute – where Botha is an honorary advisory board member.

The book enables readers to recognize many naturally recurring patterns in their daily lives so they can apply a greater understanding of the rhythms of everyday existence to their personal relationships, emotional well-being, employer-employee relations, and judgment and decision-making in business and finance.

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She RisesShe Rises: Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality? is a a guidebook to the consciousness of the Great Goddess, the primordial consciousness of WE in S/HE, by contemporary Goddessians.

She Rises: may be seen as a guidebook to the consciousness of the Great Goddess, the primordial consciousness of WE in S/HE, by contemporary Goddessians. The question, “Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality?” taken as the warp, is interwoven with the weft of the answers provided by ninety contributors from around the world. She Rises puts forth ever-unfolding patterns of Goddessian thoughts, experiences, and visions expressed through a variety of works including short writings, poems, essays, artworks, and research papers.

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