About Leslie Carol Botha
Leslie Carol Botha

Women's Health Advocate, Speaker, Radio Show Host, Hormone Consultant, Author and Social Media Marketer - a Matrix of Possibilities

Guiding You through the Cycles of Business and Health

As a health advocate for over 30 years, I have been educating women about understanding their mind, moods and hormone cycles. I am an author, public speaker and internationally recognized expert on hormones and behaviors. I am a member of many organization and sit on board for the Cycles Research Institute. For more information on my credentials in this area click here.

It is the research in natural cycles that led me to understand there is also a cycle to business – based on circadian rhythms. 

Because I had this insider knowledge if you will, I began to help small companies and individual women with their social media marketing efforts.

This is how the brand Matrix Media Marketing became a real endeavor. I found that by assisting business owners with their marketing, I helped them connect and share their message with others via a matrix of resources. If we work as a matrix – a web – of influencers, we can begin to attract each other’s connections and followers – and in the long run our message and brand reaches a larger audience.

So, began this new journey for me where I am now the founder of Matrix Media Marketing.

Never would I have imagined the possibilities of reaching so many people with shared visions where we act as a matrix of business owners focused on health and abundance.

I look forward to meeting with you and discussing how my expertise can help you thrive. Use my contact form here and let’s connect today.

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