Autism Essentials with Leslie Carol Botha

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Autism Essentials
Edited by Dr. Andy McCabe

Prevention, Evaluation, Remediation, Education, Vocational, Legal Aspects, and Parental Advice

Providing parents and teachers access to the most current policies, practices, and suggestions regarding children on the spectrum.

Chapter 1 – Hormonal Contraception and Autism
Leslie Carol Botha 

Contraception has been overlooked in biomedical and epidemiologic research.  An examination of the literature, studies and research that provides a causal link between the increase in ASD and the use of synthetic hormone birth control as a potential biomarker. 

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HorMoon Awareness Guide

HorMoon Awareness Guide by Leslie Botha
Your hormonal happiness has a lot to do with your natural circadian endocrine rhythm. Fight it – and you open yourself up to diseases. Your body’s menstrul cycle is tied to this rhythm. This informative image will help you sort things out. By Leslie C. Botha of Colorado. HorMoon Awareness Guide. Let the moon cycles guide you.


UPDATE 2020: With the release of “Shattered Dreams” (see the publication page here) there is a strong interest in this chart as well as my excerpt on the importance of your menstrual cycle and vaccines. Please go to the publication page to be routed to the NEXUS article in February 2020. Thank you. There is also a media page if your news organization would like to contact me as well. The email listed here in this image is not active – just use the media page to contact me. Thank you! Wishing you the best of health always. – Leslie C. Botha

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